Get Started


Get started by downloading the core ad3lie library package through Github:

Then, head over to our site ad3lie to get your system-specific tool version (currently supporting Mac, Windows, and Linux).

Install Using the CLI

To start:

  1. Install the core ad3lie package: npm i ad3lie

  2. Or, pick and choose a specific package (mix and match!): npm i @ad3lie/bar

  3. Before use, make sure to npm i all dependencies required in the package.json

// package.json
"dependencies": {
  1. Then, fire up your application! Run npm run start to start.

Using ad3lie in your project

  1. To use the entire library, simply put at the top of your file: import * as ad3lie from 'ad3lie'

  2. Or, simply use what you need: import { BarChart } from 'ad3lie'

ad3lie is largely unopinionated, so you choose what you want or don't want.


ad3lie is a lightweight, reusable component library. Feel free to mix and match your chart packages, or use only what you need.
Install specific charts with @ad3lie/***, or use @ad3lies to install the complete library.